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2017 PHIPA Connections Summit

Access, Privacy, Security, & Records Management

December 5 - 6, 2017 | The Old Mill Inn Toronto
(optional Workshops the morning of December 5th)



Welcome to the 2017 PHIPA Connections Summit

Welcome to the 12th Annual PHIPA Connections Summit (2017)! Being held again at the Old Mill Inn, Toronto, this two-day affair (1.5 days of conference, preceeding by a morning of Optional Workshops), is not only focusing on Ontario’s Health Privacy legislation as well as establishing proven Health IM strategies, it will focus on leadership, networking and knowledge sharing. At the end of the day this is about facilitating appropriate access, which is perhaps the most annoying facet of Information Management in the Public Sector. However, access is now being looked at like a human right in Canada. Now more than ever, progress in this area should be a top priority for all of those charged with the task of managing health information, and protecting the privacy of patients.

Both the PHIPA legislation as well as the electronic records revolution have reinforced the fact that now is the time to better develop information management strategies, especially in the public health sector.

As Health Information Custodians continue to meet the various challenges presented to them in their work, the 2017 PHIPA Connections Summit will help this community further develop strategies to meet these challenges head-on.

You will also:

  • Discuss, identify, and most importantly address the many challenges you face as a health information custodian
  • Learn from the wide range of expertise available to the health community to identify the challenges of your information management network
  • Create and implement your own health information management strategy

We believe in building communities, communities that have a say in their education and professional development. Verney Conference Management therefore will continue to employ its community-based approach to the development of the conference agenda, the same approach that made the previous PHIPA Summits some of the best learning events of their kind. To ensure we maintain these principles, the following Agenda Advisory Committee has been assembled to build this year's Agenda.

Click here for more about the Advisory Committee

Join your colleagues today and continue to explore how to better address privacy issues in your organization, and firmly establish how to manage personal health information. See you in December at Ontario’s first and premier Health Information Management and Privacy event!

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